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 I’m Jess the human behind Robin Studios. 

Photos have always been important to me. I would spend hours as a child pouring over my parents and grandparents photo albums. Even now there’s nothing I like more than holding a developing polaroid in my hand.

I started photographing weddings when my brother got married and haven't looked back since. I love this job.

Small details stand out to me, and I think really tell the story of a wedding or a family. I find it's always the moments in between where you can capture something special. The few seconds before everyone is ready for the group photo or the moment when a parent is reassuring a shy toddler. 

I love working with couples and families that want to capture life as it is, in all its detail and beauty. It's such a privilege to capture special times in people’s lives, documenting once in a lifetime moments.

Mostly I will try and get you to make each other laugh when we are shooting, pictures of people laughing are always the best, you can't stage that, and you can tell straight away when you look at those images that the smiles are real. 


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